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I have decided once again to explain what is really going on in my life due to all the rediculous rumours. All these claims are coming from people trying to scam. Why do people believe all the things they hear when obviously I am not acting in the way they claim. The aim is to gain people on side to the scam, how can there be anything moralistic about scamming. I am trying to explain without being too specific due to the disgusting allegations being made. I am trying to move on yet I keep getting drawn back with all these allegations. 
These people will do and say just about anything to gain control of my accounts, there is a great deal to be gained in spreading these malicious rumours everywhere. Why people believe them is astonashing, I guess it is thier power to spread rumours.

Discrediting tactics.

Generally spreading rumours and lies.

Spike my drinks with stimulants.

Poison my room and bed making me ill and cranky.

Benefits of rumours for scamming.

Gaining stockbrokers and mortgage brokers onside to use my funds and trading accounts

Gaining people on side to get cash backs in building and real estate transactions

They have become a law unto themselves and are able to completely infiltrate my life, taking over my identity and funds.Completely destroying my life as it was, running my building company and investing in real estate and stocks.

Recently a person attacked me on the streets, at first I think he was trying to pickpocket my wallet, he then attacked me, as I had my backpack on my right arm, I pushed his chest with the palm of my hand and told him to back off. It had been raining and there few other people around, he then came at me again so I pushed him harder and sternly told him to back off. He seemed harmless enough so I was not too concerned though it could have been a problem if he had a knife or some friends. I do not like to attack so it resolved without incident, considering recent violence in these countries everyone including me are on edge. This could have been a very different outcome, fortunately my assessment was correct and he backed off. Had he not backed off I would have bad no alternative to attack and maybe I should have not been so defensive and quickly finished it. The main problem was he claimed I was being aggressive when he was attacking me, the same old bullsxxt. I stopped being complacent after this attach and am much more allert now, sometimes all it needs as they see I am ready for an altercation.